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FARMATEB® represents an innovative system, based on Farmaforesi Elettrodica®, which allows the transport of the active substance in the tissues, by means of the form of electric waves and variable frequency according to the depth to be reached..

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The combination of quality and innovation, with extreme seriousness and awareness, has enabled the success of FARMATEB® medical device. Trans Epidermal Barrier® by Innotech For Biomedical born for aesthetic and therapeutic applications in medicine.

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What FarmaTEB?
How does it work?
How does it work?
What is Farmaforesi Elettrodica?
Who is the treatment?
Is painful?


Who is the author of  FARMATEB and Farmaforesi Elettrodica®?


Dr. Antonino d’Africa, Scientific Director of the Biomedical AD Innotech Srl – Inventor of “Farmaforesi Elettrodica”

The D.M. FARMATEB, enhances the passage of the drug (also high molecular weight) through the skin organ, by means of particular pulses that move “on reptation” according to the tissue depth to reach. It enhances the effectiveness of any substance that can directly influence the organization and regeneration of any type of tissue, promoting cell proliferation, angiogenesis, remodeling of the extracellular matrix and accelerating the healing process. In act is the more realistic perspective of prevention and treatment in regenerative medicine. It ‘the easiest natural way to cure with progressive effect from the first application, even the so-called pathologies “impossible”: stretch marks, keloid scarring and degenerative diseases or injuries district, providing a therapeutic response such as to restore the integrity to injured structures and the existing functions.